Student Council

The Student Council of East Woods School is a student organization whose members are elected from Fifth through Eighth Grades to represent the students and to serve the best interests of the student body. All East Woods School students have the right to run for Student Council, and two representatives are elected from each class. Through participating in weekly meetings and organizing events over the course of the year, the Student Council fosters unity within the student body, and its members show leadership, responsibility, and good citizenship.

As an organization, the council nurtures leadership while reinforcing the idea that there are many different ways to be a leader, thus helping students to develop a new aspect of their identity and self-image. Money raised through school events such as dances, Canteen Night, Dress Down Days, and Continental Breakfast, Green & White events, supports various charities and student social events. Students learn to organize an activity and to take responsibility for the effectiveness of each effort. From time to time, the council is also able to organize a group effort “off site,” such as the efforts at local shelters, soup kitchens, assisted living facilities, animal shelters, and environmental organizations.


  1. The objective of this body government shall be to faithfully adhere to the ideals set forth by the preamble and to promote student life and activities by the cooperative efforts of its members, the rest of the student body, and administration.
  2. To facilitate effective communications within the school.
  3. To promote and instill the qualities of leadership, responsibility, and consideration of others.
  4. To provide a democratic representative student government for the school.
  5. To offer assistance to the school in other areas as agreed to by the Student Council and the administration.
  6. To organize and manage social, service, and other activities within and out of school, and taking responsibility for set-up and clean-up of all Student Council activities.

Please contact Laura Sacco for more information.