Community Service

In the spirit of working globally, nationally, and locally, our community service program allows our students to participate in many different ways. There are a number of hands-on projects including recycling every Wednesday before school, visiting senior citizens at a local assisted living facility, participating in Trick or Treat for UNICEF, lending a hand at the Fall and Spring Coastal Clean-Ups in Oyster Bay, helping at the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery Fall Festival, supporting the Shoe, Clothing, Toy, Toiletries, and Food Drives, helping at the Project Hope Soup Kitchen in Huntington Station, participating in community runs or walks for charity, and singing at a local Senior Center. Students are encouraged to build upon their interests and passions, and students may also take the initiative to support a cause or project that is meaningful to him or her.

In the East Woods experience, community service is seen as an essential complement to the school’s rigorous academic program, lending meaningful balance to students’ lives.

Community Service Programs

Community Service

Buddy Class Service Learning

For the past fifteen years, Service Learning has been an inherent part of our Community Service program. Depending on their grade, the students are able to engage in numerous curriculum-based activities while serving others. The ultimate goal of this program is for the students to experience the joy and gratification attached to any altruistic concern for others while reinforcing academic skills. The students have engaged in a great variety of activities. They have made paintings to decorate a non-for-profit organization clinic, written poems and letters to seniors, veterans, disaster victims, and harvested seeds in a local preserve, just to name a few.

Keeping in mind the strategy of the Community Service program, Lower and Upper School grades are partnered as Buddy Classes. The students discuss, reflect, and collaborate on partnered activities. Some activities in the past have included writing letters to soldiers, organizing various drives for food, clothing, and toys, decorating onesies for a women's shelter, using old tee-shirts to braid chew toys for dogs, and using fleece to make scarves for local, national, and international organizations.