Advanced Learning Program

East Woods recognizes the importance of a science, technology and math education in order for our children to be successful in a challenging 21st century global society. Accordingly, East Woods is committed to generating interest in the sciences from a young age, and has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time, space, and resources to this curriculum.

East Woods is proud to offer our Advanced Learning Program (ALPS). This programs provides an enhanced science, technology and math curriculum to our students through a variety of hands-on, sophisticated and cutting edge labs. The program’s multi-disciplinary approach is designed to enhance creative and critical thinking skills for each participating student. Math, science and the arts interconnect in this program, as students learn the value of integrating perspectives. The yield? Agile minds, able to tackle problems from diverse viewpoints.

ALPS is presented by Jane Powel, founder of OMNILearn Corp., and her staff of science, language arts and math professionals. The program combines the art of teaching with the science of teaching and is unique to East Woods School.

For more information, please email Jane Powel.

There are three distinct ALPS sections:

Whole Group Enrichment, After-School Program and a Mentor Program.