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Multicultural Community Program

Eighth Grade student Wynne W. is spearheading a Multicultural Community Program for the students of East Woods School this year.

Multicultural Community Program

Eighth Grade student Wynne W. is spearheading a Multicultural Community Program for the students of East Woods School this year. Wynne is uniquely poised to lead this, as she and her family have consistently shared the beauty of Chinese culture with East Woods for many years during the Lunar New Year celebration. Each month, she will invite one family to present their family history, including traditions, show and tell, a mini-Geography lesson, and possibly an activity. East Woods is lucky to have so many rich family cultures and traditions from which to draw. Wynne's goal is to help draw our community together more closely by assisting students in seeing more depth in each other and their families. 


The first presenters in the Multicultural Community series are Donald and Meline Purdy, parents of Katie, Class of 2023. Donald is Scottish, and Meline is Armenian. Mrs. Purdy discussed her Armenian heritage, and Mr. Purdy discussed his Scottish heritage. Both shared language, customs, traditions, and meaningful facts about their ancestral ethnicity. 

Mrs. Purdy shared some interesting facts about Armenia. The oldest cathedral in the world has its home in Armenia. It has a unique alphabet and is one of the most advanced in the world. Some famous Armenians we have to thank are Hovannes Adamian, who developed the tricolor principle, which was eventually used to create color television, and Cher, one of the bestselling recording artists of all time.

Mr. Purdy shared many interesting facts about Scotland. There are three recognized languages in Scotland. The first is English, the second is Scots, and the third is Gaelic (or Scottish Gaelic). He shared his official family tartan. Tartan plaid represents your ancestral clan. Some famous Scots we have to thank are bacteriologist Alexander Fleming, who won the Nobel Peace Prize after discovering Penicillin, actor Ewan Gordon McGregor, known for his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Fun fact, the official animal of Scotland is the Unicorn. How wild is that?

The Purdy's closed with some wise words. "What's important to remember is that I come from parents, one of whom was in America from the early 1600s and the other of whom immigrated herself from Scotland. Mrs. Purdy immigrated to the US when she was 11, has an ethnic Armenian background, and was born and raised in Istanbul. To look at us, you don't see those nationalities; you see people. While our national identities and our ethnic backgrounds color and influence who we are and how we act, they aren't what defines us as individuals, and it is not those backgrounds that define how we should be treated or how we should treat others."

Art For Peace

Students participated in CHALK4PEACE on Wednesday, September 14th.

On Wednesday, September 14th, on International Peace Day, East Woods participated in CHALK4PEACE led by Leadership Advisor Laura Sacco and the Eighth Grade. CHALK4PEACE is a global chalk art project about peace for artists of all ages.

Students gathered in the gym and were introduced to the event with a brief presentation by the Eighth Grade students, including reading the book If Peace Is... by Jane Baskwill. Then, the older students joined their lower school buddy class in the front circle as they drew with chalk what peace means to them. All of the students made heartfelt pictures and shared their work with the rest of the students.

From its beginnings in 2003 in Arlington, VA, as a Sunday sidewalk chalk project for children, CHALK4PEACE has been recognized by the Arlington Arts Commission, the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities, the DC Mayor's Office, the Humanities Project of Arlington and Whole Foods Markets. Since then, it has been internationally embraced for its service to the world.



Upper School Students Bond at Quinipet

The Upper School left East Woods for a fantastic overnight trip to Quinipet on September 14th.

The Upper School left East Woods for a fantastic overnight trip to Quinipet on September 14th. After loading buses (and a ferry), they journeyed east to Shelter Island for two days at Camp Quinipet. This annual trip serves the dual purpose of bonding our Upper School students and providing them with hands-on, engaging, and interactive lessons they could not experience anywhere else. Having our students participate in this field trip during the first full week of the academic year sets the tone for a collaborative student and faculty community.

As always, this trip's core was the message of building self-discovery and self-confidence through team-building exercises. The students participated in a variety of outdoor activities, ranging from fishing, marine ecology, archery, wildlife diversity, and primitive tools. With an eye toward giving students across all grades an opportunity to get to know one another, the students were split into groups where all grades were represented. As a result, many new friendships were created. The students were chaperoned by our dedicated Upper School teachers, and this helped to solidify the already strong bonds between the students and teachers at East Woods.

With the evening spent making s'mores by the warm light of the campfire and days filled with hands-on activities and learning, the trip to Camp Quinipet will not soon be forgotten by the students and faculty of East Woods. Returning to school exhausted but exhilarated, with bright smiles and dirty clothes, students and teachers alike were eager to share all they had learned and experienced.










Community Service

Community Service has been a long-standing tradition at East Woods School, so much so that it has importance in our school song.

Community Service has been a long-standing tradition at East Woods School. The verse "Of what we have, we pledge to give" has been taken literally by Community Service Coordinator, Danielle Landini. We sat down with Ms. Landini to speak about what this year's opportunities will be and how they shape not only the lives of our students but the recipients of these acts. 

Ms. Landini believes community service is essential for young children because it helps prepare them for the world outside of school. "When you are looking at any educational situation, part of the role of an educator is to prepare them for the world outside. When you meet others, you want to treat them with kindness, consider other perspectives, to understand their life is not like other people's. These encounters are just one of the ways for students to look outside their homes and communities." 

She felt the most impactful event on the children was when they gathered medical supplies and raised money for Ukraine. The students who came to Ms. Landini conceived and requested an idea, asking, "How can we help and what can we do?" After brainstorming and planning, students launched into action by selling bracelets, collecting and organizing medical supplies, and requesting donations from members of their communities. 

Upper School students were very touched last year by the Hope Children's Fund, which finances an orphanage in Kenya, Africa. They spoke to the head of the Hope Children's Fund via Skype. Students saw where the money they raised was going and how it impacted the lives of other children. Because of our students' continued support, Hope Children's Fund has dedicated a plaque in their dining hall to East Woods School in Kenya. East Woods' students were so affected by this experience that they have been asking to do more work with them again this year.  

Thanksgiving Drive

The "Souperbowl" for Helping Hands Rescue Mission in Huntington was another successful event that will be recurring this year. Students collected canned goods from the community to help alleviate the need for 400 cans of food weekly that the Helping Hands Rescue Mission fulfills to serve their patrons, as well as The Christmas Toy drive, also affiliated with Helping Hands Rescue Mission. Another service project in the works will occur around Thanksgiving with the Youth and Family Council of Oyster Bay, where students will collect new or gently used coats. In addition, students have approached Ms. Landini and requested to be involved in the Free Wheelchair Mission, a group that collects medical supplies and wheelchairs for those in need. 

We look forward to another year of successful community service projects under the leadership of Ms. Landini that will continue to grow our students' characters and empathy and positively impact communities both locally and worldwide. 


Friday Fun Day

East Woods School Student Council organized the first event of the year for the Upper School on Friday, September 9th.

East Woods School Student Council organized the first event of the year for the Upper School on Friday, September 9th. Students were treated to a pizza lunch and then moved to the backfield for a water-filled, fun afternoon. The beautiful day made optimal conditions for tossing water balloons at each other, water gun ambushes, Gaga Ball, volleyball in the pool, and sliding down the hill on a giant Slip-N-Slide. Students had a blast sliding down the hill with friends on the Slip-N-Slide and couldn’t get up the hill fast enough to have another turn. Friday’s event was the perfect way to celebrate the last hurrah of summer water fun with friends and make memories with classmates that will last a lifetime. 

The Student Council, whose members are elected from Fifth through Eighth Grades, represents the student body. Members participate in organizing fun, inclusive events over the school year and meet bi-monthly. 

We look forward to the other events the Student Council will plan this year under the leadership of Laura Sacco with anticipation! 

Friday Fun Day


Friday Fun Day


Friday Fun Day



Friday Fun Day


Friday Fun Day