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Searching Online

Searching Online
Millions of information sources are virtually at your fingertips, and you can gain access documents, pictures, video and audio clips without leaving your chair. But in order to avoid wading through millions of results, you need to know where to search and how to develop successful search strategies.

Understanding Search Tools



Log in once and get instant access to our databases (anywhere, anytime).

Please e-mail Mrs. Lorbert for log in information. Here's a partial list of the available collections:

BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. create "animated, curriculum-based content that supports educators and engages students."

NOVEL The New York Online Virtual Electronic Library (NOVEL) is provided by the New York State Library. It is a collection of many useful databases including Encyclopedia Britannica, Kid InfoBits, Opposing Viewpoints, Research in Context, and more.

Scholastic Go! The Find it Fast search box enables users to search all databases at the same time, including 2 encyclopedia sets and 4 other collections, Amazing Animals, America the Beautiful, Lands and People, and The New Book of Popular Science.


Nassau: Automated Library Information System Web Catalog

Nassau County residents may use the online catalog and their home library's online databases with a public library card. Find the directory of libraries, and then you'll need to enter the barcode on your card before searching the library's databases.

Suffolk County Live-brary
Suffolk County residents have access to the online catalog and to Suffolk County Public Libraries. Online tutors are also available to help you with your homework in real time. You will need your public library barcode to access your home library's online databases.

Library of Congress
You can access the library's comprehensive collections: American Memory (history and culture); THOMAS (legislative information); America's Library (Fun for kids and families); International Horizons (Collections from around the world); Online Exhibits and more!

STUDENTS IN GRADES K-4  (Spring 2021)
The K-3 reviews will open as digital books that can be read online or printed.
Kindergarten Book Reviews
First Grade Book Reviews
Second Grade Book Reviews
Third Grade Book Reviews
The Fourth Grade book reviews are audio files and may be accessed at this link.

Fifth Grade students have book trailers they would like to share about some great books.

Complete EWS Library Research Guide
Citing Sources