Trail Blazers Special Appeal

We launched our Trail Blazers Special Appeal.

East Woods is preparing to:
  • add a Geodesic Dome for the children to both build and maintain. This will involve the all grades, and the vegetables, fruit and herbs grown will also be able to be eaten with our lunch program.
  • add a Burke play-set that is rated for 2-5 year olds, along with bench and table
  • create an educational nature trail on our 46 gorgeous acres to be used by all grades and our entire community
  • beautify the gatehouse and add solar lighting

This appeal remains open until our goal of $50,000 is reached. Donations of any amount are welcomed, we have less then $10,000 still to raise. We would love to have 100% participation, especially with your support!If you would like to donate please use this link:BidPal - Trail Blazer Special Appeal

Thank you for continuing to support progress East Woods School.

Please email: with any questions.