EWS Traditions

East Woods is a supportive, family-centered school. We look to our parents as partners in educating our students, and as such, we welcome all of our parents to be as active in the school as they can be. We certainly recognize how busy life can get, which makes us all the more appreciative of the time our parents spend at East Woods to help make this school the warm, nurturing, and community-based school that it is.

East Woods’ strong spirit of community welcomes participation from supportive parents and grandparents, dedicated faculty, inquisitive students, loyal alums, and friends. Their gifts of time, talents and resources benefit the children directly and make a difference in our school community! There are many ways that one can join East Woods' community of volunteers. Please contact your child's class parent or a committee chairperson from the Parent's Association.

East Woods is proud to include and involve the families of our students in many ongoing traditions.

Head of the Table

Join your Lower School child at lunch during our bi-monthly “Head of the Table” lunches.

Kindergarten Me Day

Each Kindergartner gets his/her very own “Me Day” where the day (from 1:30 until dismissal) is all about him/her!

Kindergarten Play

Every spring the Kindergarten students put on their very own play for families and friends.

First Grade Mystery Reader

Each First Grade student in the class gets the opportunity to be surprised by our “mystery readers.” The students know someone is coming, but the look on his or her face when it turns out to be mom or dad is priceless.

First Grade Mystery Writer

Friends and family members of our First Grade students can send in a "mystery-written" note. Based on clues provided by the mystery writer, the children will need to guess who wrote the note!

Second Grade World Map Day

Parents are invited to join their Second Grader in the research and creation of a giant map during their study of world geography. The students then use the map as the focal point of the presentation. A wonderful East Woods tradition!

Third Grade State Fair

The Third Graders study of communities culminates in a research project where each student learns about the history, geography, places of interest, people of interest, and/or economics of a specific state. Their findings are then presented in a "wax museum" where the students dress up as a famous character from his or her state. This has become one of the great East Woods traditions.

Fourth Grade Travel Log

At the conclusion of the year, thanks to all of their interesting field trips, the Fourth Grade offers a “Travel Log” presentation to parents and the student body. During this presentation, the students narrate a power point presentation highlighting the many field trips that enrich the curriculum.

Fifth Grade Theater Production

Our Fifth Graders audition for, act in, and design the sets for their very own play.

Upper School Theater Production

Upper School students in 6th-8th Grade
are required to participate in the annual Upper School musical. Students may select to participate in any of the necessary functions that help the musical go from words on the page to a live production. Our students are the actors, stagehands, set designers, and musicians. With some guidance from faculty and parents, this production is nearly entirely student-run.

Science Symposium

Every February, an impressive array of science experiments fills the New Gym East Woods as the Fifth through Eighth Graders present their final Science Symposium projects. The Science Symposium teaches East Woods students about the scientific thought process. They learn how to conduct controlled experiments, and how to approach scientific research.

One of the key elements to the East Woods Science Symposium is that they do all of this independently. Over the course of just two short months, the students select a topic and, with guidance from East Woods science teachers, are responsible to research their topic, create a hypothesis, conduct experiments, and write a paper with the conclusion to their project. The remarkable student-created projects range from experiments to inventions to attempts at proving a theory.

Just as the students can select their research project, they can also choose to participate in the Science Symposium competition. Those students that choose to participate are judged by PhDs, MDs, and post-doctoral students from the world-renowned Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The students involved in the competition have one-on-one interviews with the judges where they explain their project and answer questions. The judges, who look forward to their participation in this competition every year, award a winner at each grade level, as well as one overall Symposium winner.

Friday Morning Assembly

All East Woods parents are invited to join the entire school during the monthly Friday Assembly, where fun and special performances are given. These monthly assemblies provide the students, faculty, staff, and parents the chance to get together as a community. The assemblies also provide our students with public-speaking opportunities throughout their school year.

All School Family BBQ

With a warm welcome to all new East Woods families, and a warm welcome back to all returning families, we host an All School Family BBQ in September. This relaxed and cheery BBQ reunites old friends, introduces new friends, and sets the tone for a great, parent-involved school year.

Parents' Visiting Day

One of many long standing East Woods traditions, we invite the parents of our students to spend a morning at East Woods with their child. Our students – and parents– look forward to this day every year, whether attending a Pre-Kindergarten classroom or a Seventh Grade science lab.

Upper School Turkey Trot

The annual Turkey Trot takes place each year the week before Thanksgiving break. It is a one-mile race around the perimeter of the campus that is run by the Upper School students rain or shine.

Special Persons' Visiting Day

A popular and fun day, we welcome the grandparents and special guests of our students to East Woods to spend a morning at school. This day is another great example of the ways in which East Woods truly exemplifies a family-centered, community-focused school.

Holiday Caroling

A morning that truly gets us all in the Holiday spirit, we invite the entire EWS community to the Old Gym for some Holiday treats and songs.

Holiday Bazaar & Pancake Breakfast

Another of our wonderful school traditions, this Holiday-themed event could not happen without the hard work and dedication of our eighth grade students and parents. The bazaar involves a delicious breakfast, served to our school community by the eighth graders, and is followed by a morning of shopping for handmade crafts.

Spring Concert

Our students are sure to impress our community with their musical talents! With songs performed by various classes, and a musical performance by our band, this is a fun and impressive night.

Dinner Dance, Auction & Spring Fair

East Woods Dinner Dance & Auction and Spring Fair Weekend is a major “fundraising” and “friendraising” event for the school.