Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of an independent school establishes policy and assesses institutional performance in accordance with the school’s mission. The by-laws of East Woods School provide that the “property and affairs of the [School] shall be managed, controlled and administered by the Board of Trustees.”

The Board hires and evaluates the Head of School and sets the policy guidelines within which the Head of School will operate the school. The Board of Trustees recognizes that its role is one of policymaking and of financial oversight of the school. The Board does not involve itself in the day-to-day operations of the school or in carrying out policy unless asked by the Head of School to assist him in some manner.

The Board has a fiduciary responsibility for the financial state of the school and adopts financial policies, approves the annual budget, sets tuition and approves the amount to be allocated to financial aid each year. The Board is charged with oversight of all institutional advancement efforts and managing the school’s endowment.

Another of the primary roles of the Board is to plan for the future of the school. The 2005-2010 Strategic Plan resulted in the construction of the new Upper School building and significantly increasing the school’s endowment among many other things. In 2010 the Board updated the Strategic Plan to 1) focus on fostering the development of each individual child’s academic, athletic and social growth while encouraging community service and a shared sense of values; 2) developing a strong sense of community and encouraging a broad based participation in the life of the School; 3) maintaining and enhancing the faculty and investing in resources to fulfill the School’s mission; and 4) enhancing and improving the School’s marketing and operations in order to thrive in a highly competitive and challenging economic environment. The goals and objectives established annually for the Head of School are aligned with the Strategic Plan.

The Board of Trustees is very focused on gender, diversity and multicultural issues. The Mission Statement, which is short and concise by design, notes that East Woods is a community that celebrates the differences among us.

The Board of Trustees holds monthly meetings from September – June. The Board of Trustees communicates its role to the community and invites their input by holding an annual State of the School meeting for all members of the school community.

The Board depends upon the active participation and support of all trustees. The current Committees of the Board are: Executive; Finance; Annual Fund; Building and Grounds; Education; Marketing; Spring Fair; Strategic Planning; and the Committee on Trustees.

The Committee on Trustees is charged annually with nominating new Board members, evaluating individual trustees and evaluating the Board’s performance relative to the Board’s established goals. East Woods trustees serve for a term of three years and may be elected to an additional two-year term.

Board of Trustees
Luan Doan, Co-President
Brad Ketcher, Co-President
Fern Senior '97, Vice President
Ted Panebianco '95, Co-Treasurer
Ji Wang, Co-Treasurer
Keith D’Agostino, Secretary
Magda Labonté-Blaise, Attorney
Sandra Graham, Attorney
Laura Kang, Head of School
Emily Alessio
Christopher Bennett ‘86
Essence Browne
Wendy Lattibeaudiere
Michèle Mercier
Al Notarnicola
East Woods School