Why Choose a Private School?


The education of your child is of the utmost importance, and the decisions we make as parents in their early years can often impact the rest of their lives. There are many outstanding benefits to sending your child to an independent school.

Higher test scores.
The National Center for Education Statistics periodically administers the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) to test the knowledge and skills of the nation's students in grades Four, Eight, and Twelve. Students in private schools consistently score well above the national average.1

The East Woods Advantage:75% of the East Woods Upper School students are at or above the 90th percentile nationally on standardized test scores. 100% are above the 75th percentile.2

Higher satisfaction levels.
According to a study released in April 2010 by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 79% of parents with students in private schools report being “very satisfied” with their schools, compared to 52% of students in assigned public schools.3

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No program cuts.
The downturn in the economy has caused many uncertainties in the world today, and local school budgets have been hit especially hard. School districts across Long Island are being forced to make difficult decisions that can lead to pivotal educational programs and services being cut. As a private school, we are independently funded and not reliant on state or national budget constraints.

The East Woods Advantage: While many schools are struggling to provide the basic fundamentals of education, East Woods offers a robust academic core curriculum. Additionally, East Woods is proud to offer several after-school enrichments that range from Chess to Dance to Theater and beyond. We have created the Advanced Learning Program, an innovative and challenging science program for our students. East Woods also offers a middle school inter-scholastic sports program for our Fourth through Eighth Grade students.

Safe and secure learning environment.
Feeling safe and secure helps students learn, grow and develop into confident and mature young adults. According to a large-scale study conducted in 2010, 94% of independent school students said they feel “very safe” while at school, compared to only 73% of public school students when asked the same question.1

The East Woods Advantage: The safety and security of the East Woods School goes well beyond our efforts to protect the campus and buildings with 24 hour surveillance and entry restricted to the main front doors. Our students feel safe because they trust and know each other and everyone at the school. Furthermore, in a recent student survey, 100% of our 3rd through 8th grade students said they felt “very safe” at school.