Benefits of a Pre-Nursery - 8th Grade School

Our focus on children during these critical academic and social growth years allows us to provide our students with the necessary building blocks for a life long love of learning and discovering.

  • As a focused Pre-Nursery through Eighth Grade school, the children and faculty grow together. This provides the benefit of knowing the learning styles and academic profiles of each student. It also fosters a sense of community among our students and faculty that is difficult to find in larger schools with older students.
  • As a small school, everyone knows - and looks out for - each other. This is in evidence from the first walk up the steps as our Head of School greets each student with a handshake, to the annual Kindergarten and Eighth Grade ice cream social, to our family-style lunches with mixed grades and faculty members.
  • We are able to provide age-appropriate learning without the different pressures and influences of high school students. We strive to preserve the childhood of our students and are able to do so by creating suitable academic programs and social functions.
  • Our Eighth Graders are the leaders of the school and are looked to for leadership and guidance. They run the student government, organize the social functions of the school, and are active participants and leaders in our various community service projects. This leadership role provides our students with a sense of poise and confidence as they prepare to leave East Woods for their next educational experience.