Tuition & Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Application Process

1. The Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) must be completed by January 15.
a. Go to and click on “Create an Account”
b. East Woods School’s code is 2950.
c. Assistance with the SSS website is available M-F 9:00-8:00 and Saturdays 9:00-4:00 by calling 800-344-8328.
2. Backup documentation and 2021 W2(s) must be submitted by April 15.
a. Required documents: 2021 W2(s); Form 1040 and all schedules; Business or Farm statement(s), if you own your own business.
b. Documents may be uploaded to the SSS website, emailed Laura Kang, or mailed to Laura Kang at school.
3. The Tuition Assistance Committee will inform families about grant decisions at the same time that enrollment contracts are issued in the end of February.
4. Signed enrollment contracts must be returned by the March deadline indicated on the contract.
5. Enrollment contracts and backup documentation must be received before grants will be awarded. If contracts and documentation are not received by the designated due dates, the School reserves the right to allocate the grant funds to another family.

Tuition Schedule 2022-2023

Pre-Nursery (2 days) $6,100
Pre-Nursery (3 days) $9,300
Pre-Nursery (5 days) $14,600
Nursery (3 days) $11,000
Nursery (5 days) $17,800
Pre-Kindergarten $19,000
Kindergarten $26,500
First Grade $29,200
Second and Third Grade $30,500
Fourth Grade $30,900
Fifth Grade $33,700
Sixth - Eighth Grade $36,000


Tuition Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please contact Head of School Laura Kang or 516-922-4400.