Sending your child to school is required.
Choosing East Woods is brilliant.

The moment our students walk up the front steps of the school their East Woods journey begins. They are greeted with a handshake and a smile by our Head of School. This vital interaction not only warmly welcomes our students into our school, but also teaches them the importance of making connections with those around them.

We believe in the journey and the destination.The journey from Pre-Nursery through the Eighth Grade provides our students with a foundation of essential learning skills, a life of community involvement, and good character development. Our students learn to independently follow their passion. They discover their own answers, and become true citizens of the world.

Our graduates enter secondary school as curious, confident, and conscientious students who are equipped to excel in the classroom, and are eager to contribute as caring citizens of their school and broader communities.

We are a small school by design.
Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows for individualized attention and differentiated instruction. Our size allows each student to have the opportunity to lead, to contribute, and shine. Our teachers and administrators truly understand your child's potential. We find joy in the discovery.

We are a supportive, family-centered learning community that is as nurturing as it is rigorous.
We are a culture of positivity, warmth, and confidence. East Woods School has a family feeling that makes it a second home. This sense of home permeates everything we do, from our family-style lunches that blend students and faculty across grades, to our monthly Friday Morning Assemblies. Parents eagerly participate in these activities, and many others, throughout the school year.

Our rigorous curriculum challenges our students. The benefits of our demanding programs are evident in the culture of confidence that is fostered at East Woods. Public speaking, STEAM academics, and community service begin early, and are embedded throughout their academic experience. Our students transition from East Woods to their secondary school of choice with ease.

We are committed to developing the whole child.
Character development is woven into the day to day experience for the whole community. Honesty, responsibility, perseverance, and respect are some of the many traits focused on both in and outside of the classroom. Through literature, class discussions, and hands on activities, the children are able to grasp the meaning of these concepts and incorporate them into their lives.

Please take a look at the East Woods Admissions Brochure for additional information.