World Language

East Woods provides a well-rounded education for every student. An integral piece of this educational philosophy is the introduction of our students to world languages at an early age. This strong foundation is built upon each year, with consistent and steady increases in the world language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, students are taught about the culture, history and traditions of the regions in which these languages are spoken natively.

From Nursery through Second Grade, the focus is on Spanish language and culture. Our students are then introduced to French in the Third Grade, when they spend half of the year in a continued study of Spanish, and half of the year studying French. This same method follows them into the Fourth Grade. In the Fifth Grade, the students are asked to focus on either Spanish or French for the duration of their time at East Woods.

Early Childhood Center

The Nursery students attend Spanish once a week. The children are introduced to the Spanish language in a supportive, engaging environment. Music, movement, stories and play activities are incorporated to foster the student’s enthusiasm for learning Spanish.

The Pre-Kindergarten students attend Spanish once a week for half an hour. The Pre-Kindergarten Spanish program incorporates music, movement, stories, games and interactive activities to promote the children’s achievement in learning a world language. In a supportive and engaging environment, the students feel empowered to learn and speak Spanish.

Lower School

In the Lower School, the students in Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade receive Spanish twice a week for 40 minutes. The students learn Spanish through music, visual aids, technology, lesson activities, and games. The learning objectives are to build their world language development, to increase their vocabulary, and to strengthen their confidence speaking a language in a positive environment.

The Third and Fourth Grades are taught by Upper School language teachers. The students take half a year of French and half a year of Spanish; they are taught twice a week. The goal is to expose students to the two modern world languages studied at East Woods School. This is the first time the students are introduced to French. At these levels, it is conducted with a predominantly audio/visual/lingual approach and a basic introduction to the written language. This aspect of our World Language Program affords our students the special opportunity to have early first-hand experience with not just one, but two world languages. This approach also helps students to decide which language they will continue to study based on their own experiences with the language.

Upper School

Fifth Grade is the students’ first full year of studying the language they have chosen. The goal is to give them a grammatical foundation and rudimentary conversational skills from which to draw, when they advance in the language.

Sixth through Eighth Grade French and Spanish follow a conversational approach which teaches the students to listen, understand, and speak the language being studied. They are also taught basic reading and writing skills, which will allow them to further study their chosen language after they graduate.