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Welcome to East Woods,


At East Woods School, we are extremely proud of the diverse and challenging academic,

athletic, and extracurricular programs that are offered to our student body. In a nurturing environment, each student is encouraged to develop creatively, be intellectually curious and have a lifelong passion for learning. The programs help develop the whole student, while he/she gains a sense of self-worth, achieves academic success, forms positive physical fitness habits, and becomes a leader within the community.

The curriculum is geared toward challenging the students to become leaders, acute students, and remarkable citizens. Through our proprietary curriculum, which includes math, English, world language, history, and science, the teachers encourage the students to be actively involved and “develop the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking in all disciplines.” In addition to the main academic curriculum, the students are exposed to technology classes, the arts (through music, theater, industrial and studio art), the Advanced Learning Program, which guides students through science discovery, and band and chorus. This cross-curricular approach to education develops well-rounded students. A traditional letter grading system is used to mark the performance and effort of each student, which helps the students gauge their work ethic and knowledge of the curriculum.

In conjunction with our curriculum, the students play on sports teams, produce a major theater production, and serve others not as fortunate as themselves through community service projects. Throughout the school year, the students participate in interscholastic athletics through which they develop teamwork and physical fitness skills. From January through March, the students spend an hour a day focused on producing a major theatrical performance with every student participating in the acting, music, or stage design. Our local, national, and international community service activities enable our students to be cognoscenti of the world around us, and our students (and families) support programs such as UNICEF, Thanksgiving food drives, Toys for Tots, shoe and coat drives, and Save the Children.

Due to the nurturing environment of our school, our teachers form lasting relationships that continue throughout a student’s life. The teachers are coaches, mentors, and advisors. Whether they are dining with students, holding extra help sessions, or coaching athletic skills, the teachers support the students. Furthermore, the teachers focus on mentoring each student through our advisory program, which aims to make each student successful in all their endeavors. And, most importantly, the teachers care deeply about the students and want them to strive for meaningful and worthwhile goals.

With a focus on the Golden Triangle, where parents, faculty, and students interact to attain the best possible education for the students, everyone is invested in the community. By maintaining a nurturing environment and a concern for all people around the world, all students are prepared to graduate and positively affect our society. As many heads of secondary schools have commented, East Woods students are prepared, focused, and engaged in the learning process and the world around them.

Alexander D. Carter
Assistant Head of School
Head of Lower School & Upper School

For more information, please email our Director of Admissions, Melissa Cedrone or call 516.922.4400.

The middle school grades at East Woods School, referred to as the Upper School consists of Fifth Grade - Eighth Grade. The students are challenged with a well-rounded, accelerated, and interdisciplinary curriculum. Our middle school students are immersed in science, technology, math, world languages, history, literature, athletics, and the arts (musical, performing, and studio). Students are provided with numerous opportunities to perform, to lead, to present and speak to large audiences, to give back to the local community, and to travel to local and distant locations.