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Welcome to East Woods!

Whether you are a current parent seeking the latest news, or a prospective parent who is just learning about East Woods, I welcome you to explore this site to learn more detailed information about our Lower School curriculum and program.

The Lower School at East Woods is comprised of students in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade. Our goal is to promote a love learning and to develop the whole child. To this end, East Woods is offers a broad range of opportunities for personal growth in a learning community that is both academically rigorous and nurturing. As you walk through the hallways and peek into classrooms, you are likely to see children engaged in a wide array of learning activities that foster cognitive skills and creative thinking. For example, you might find Fourth Graders researching different types of volcanos and making iMovies as a way to synthesize and share their knowledge. In a First Grade class, you might see children partner reading while the teacher circulates to have one on one reading conferences with individuals. Passing by the art room, you might see Third Graders creating sculptures of a famous person that they are studying in social studies. Across the grade levels and content areas learning is integrated, and children at East Woods receive individualized attention and differentiated instruction.

When I ask children and parents what they love about the Lower School at East Woods, their first response is always “the teachers.” In every context, teachers go out of their way to get to know children and families and to make the educational experience positive and personalized to fit the needs and interests of each child. The East Woods faculty members are skillful and experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching. They love what they do, and it shows!

In addition to the teachers, children and parents frequently mention that they love the fact that East Woods offers children opportunities to explore and develop musically, artistically, physically, and cognitively. In Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, children go to the following specialized classes: physical education, music, art, library, and technology. Children in Kindergarten through Second Grade also take Spanish twice a week, and children in Third and Fourth Grade take Spanish for half of a year and French for half of a year in order to be exposed to both languages before they choose one to focus on. Through the richness of the educational experience at East Woods, children discover their interests and passions and are able to pursue them in depth.

We look forward to helping you get to know all that makes East Woods a remarkable school!

Alexander D. Carter
Head of Lower School

For more information, please email our Director of Admissions, Melissa Cedrone or call 516.922.4400.

East Woods Lower School

Students in Lower School, which is an elementary school for Kindergarten - Fourth Grade, focus on the concepts and techniques for reading, writing, math, and science, as well as social studies, world languages, science, history, physical education, and the arts (music, performing and studio). Students are introduced to Spanish as their first world language, and our Fourth Graders are introduced to French as well. Students receive individualized attention from our faculty, and are provided with many public-speaking and performing opportunities throughout the year.

Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten

At East Woods we foster a sense of self-confidence, happiness, and comfort in the classroom setting. Our small class size and full-day program allow us to truly get to know each and every student as a unique individual. As an independent school, we have the flexibility to incorporate the interests of our students into the daily curriculum. We also have access to the latest educational resources and technologies. In turn, this engages, excites and motivates our students. In addition to the core curriculum of reading, writing, math, science and social studies, our Kindergartners also participate in the following enhanced curriculum: physical education, art, music, technology, library, and Spanish. They also participate in various field trips as an extension of the Kindergarten Curriculum.

*For more detailed information view the Kindergarten page in the Curriculum Guide.

Welcome to First Grade

Welcome to First Grade!

First Grade is an important year, as the students extend their core academic skills and develop organizational strategies. We focus on social development by fostering positive character traits in each child, as well as by identifying ourselves as a close-knit class community.

*For more detailed information view the First Grade page in the Curriculum Guide.

Welcome to Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!

Our studies revolve around allowing our students to learn by actively engaging in hands-on exploration and discovery. Students focus on becoming more active learners by assuming increasingly greater amounts of responsibility throughout the year.

*For more detailed information view the Second Grade page in the Curriculum Guide.

Welcome to Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

Third Grade is an exciting year as students are utilizing the reading skills that have been built in the primary grades to read for meaning, with increased confidence, fluency, and comprehension in all subject areas. Our goal in Third Grade is the development of well-rounded and responsible students who are aware not only of themselves as individuals, but also of their peers and the world around them.

*For more detailed information view the Third Grade page in the Curriculum Guide.

Welcome to Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Fourth Grade is a unique year at East Woods School and acts as the bridge between the Lower School and the Upper School experiences.

*For more detailed information view the Fourth Grade page in the Curriculum Guide.