Early Childhood Center

Dear Friends,

Have you ever seen a two-year old become so excited about a read aloud story that she gets up to kiss the book? Have you ever listened to three-year olds discuss and debate why an owl has talons and how the owl uses them? Have you ever watched a pair of Pre-Kindergarteners work together to construct a story using pictures and then confidently present it to the class? Have you ever heard a young child at the end of the day say, “But mom, I don’t want to go home!” These are all special moments that I have observed in the East Woods Early Childhood Center (ECC), and it is truly a vibrant, joyful place where the youngest members of our community are welcomed and nurtured.

The ECC consists of Pre-Nursery classes, Nursery classes, and Pre-Kindergarten classes. Our half-day Monday-Friday program fosters the social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive development of young children. With small class sizes, personal attention and a rich thematic curriculum, skillful and experienced teachers instill a love learning and help the children to develop strong foundational skills that will prepare them for future academic endeavors. ECC students attend library, music, physical education, and Spanish classes on a weekly basis. Our Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten students also have the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art science lab throughout the year.

Whether you are a current parent seeking the latest news or a prospective parent who is just learning about East Woods, I welcome you to explore this site to learn more detailed information about our curriculum and program. Welcome to East Woods!

Pamela Schuster
Director of Early Childhood Center

For more information, please email our Director of Admissions, Melissa Cedrone or call 516.922.4400

The Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood Center, which is a pre-school for students in Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten, addresses the social, emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual development of young children. Storytelling and role-playing stimulate a child’s natural curiosity while educational games develop the building blocks for vital studies. Ultimately, the program aims to make children happy, curious, and eager to learn.

Welcome to Pre-Nursery

The Pre-Nursery program offers a nurturing, developmentally appropriate program for the youngest members of the East Woods community.The Pre-Nursery curriculum is based on a thematic approach. Classroom activities such as craft projects, science explorations, and read-alouds are all based around a central idea. This integrated approach to teaching and learning helps young children to delve into topics and learn about the world through hands-on experiences. Teachers use a wide variety of materials, games, and activities to teach children socialization and oral language skills.Foundational literacy and math skills are also woven into the program, and children are introduced to skills such as letter recognition and counting.There is a balanced focus on developing the children’s cognitive skills and their social-emotional skills. Through modeling and classroom experiences, the children begin to learn how to share materials,take turns, express their feelings, and be a good friend.

*For more detailed information view the Pre-Nursery page in the Curriculum Guide.

Welcome to Nursery

Children in the Nursery program learn through a wide variety of hands-on experiences, and each child is able to grow and learn at his or her own pace in a safe, stimulating environment. TheNursery curriculum uses a thematic approach. Monthly themes are integrated into various academic subjects including reading,math, social studies, science, art, and music. This approach leads students to see connections between topics and be fully immersed in learning. The Nursery program teaches students foundational academic skills alongside life skills such as cooperation, caring for self and others, and learning how to be a positive member of the classroom community. Through carefully planned activities, play, and modeling, the teachers constantly teach and reinforce oral language skills and foster social-emotional development.

*For more detailed information view the Nursery page in the Curriculum Guide.

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten

In Pre-Kindergarten, the children’s days are filled with joy and wonder as they learn through a wide variety of hands-on experiences. The curriculum follows a thematic approach that allows the students to develop foundational academic skills while delving deeply into topics related to their interests and real-life experiences. The teachers carefully plan the daily schedule and activities to include a balance of whole group, teacher-led activities and child-centered independent activities. The children’s social development is fostered through activities that help the children learn to interact with each other and the environment in positive ways.

*For more detailed information view the Pre-Kindergarten page in the Curriculum Guide.