Welcome From the Head of School

Dear Current and Prospective Families,

East Woods School is uniquely poised to provide daily in-person school in the Fall of 2020. Our classes are especially small. We have extra classrooms and multiple large spaces to provide for social distancing, even indoors. Our 46 acre campus includes a back lawn, nature trail, and playground as well as 3.5 playing fields and a front circle that can be barricaded for additional outdoor activity. We have been developing and refining our detailed campus safety plan for COVID-19 for months while providing frequent updates to our parents.  

If East Woods School is allowed to hold in-person school, all enrolled students will attend daily.  We will not need to stagger schedules, nor will we need to try to have classes in tents. We are offering parents the option of in-person school, virtual-only school in which virtual students are "present" in the in-person classes, as well as the opportunity to use both forms of school if required by the state or if requested due to family quarantine requirements, illness, or family travel plans. This flexibility allows for uninterrupted schooling.  

As Head of School, I am very proud of how East Woods faculty and staff implemented virtual teaching and learning in the Spring of 2020. We closed on March 10 and implemented virtual school March 11th. Through the pandemic, we have missed only one day of school.  

The faculty and I were determined that no student should slip behind academically. They also paid attention to students' social and emotional well-being. Throughout spring 2020, faculty had regular professional development to ensure they had access to best practices and tools for virtual teaching. In the Summer of 2020, they spent a week in further professional development and also prepared their September through February curriculum for virtual teaching, just in case. Our goal is always to be "ahead of the curve." Our small size allows us to be extremely flexible and to respond quickly to changing situations. As Head of School, my goal is to listen and to be available for questions and ideas. 

I invite you to consider East Woods School as the safe and enlightened choice for educating your child in these uncertain times. Founded in 1946, East Woods School has a long history of preparing graduates for success in challenging secondary schools and beyond. Our students also are actively taught to be caring leaders through our Eighth Grade Leadership Program and through the close guidance of our excellent faculty, who are chosen for their content knowledge, teaching skill, and character attributes. Please e-mail admissions@eastwoods.org if you wish to inquire.

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