Laura Sacco

Our fifth graders recently presented their original ideas at our annual Invention Convention, and two students entered their projects in the National Museum of Education's Student Ideas for a Better America™ Competition. Congratulations to Vivian and Caitlin for their outstanding entries.

"The Student Ideas for a Better America award seeks to encourage the learning, insight, creativity, and workmanship of America's students by recognizing and rewarding their accomplishments." This competition is an optional opportunity for our students, and Vivian and Caitlin decided to apply. Vivian's idea, Comfy Clothes, is for sleepwear that could be worn during the day to avoid changing out of pajamas in the morning. The clothes would be made of wrinkle-free fabric in styles appropriate for business wear. Vivian used a wrinkle-free tablecloth for the cloth in her prototype and worked diligently to measure, cut, and sew the pieces together. Caitlin's idea is the Shake-Awake Bed, and it's sure to help you on sleepy mornings. The mattress would vibrate to shake you awake, and you'd be rewarded with a fresh scent. An app would allow you to control an alarm and the duration of the vibrations. The Shake-Awake Bed prototype was made out of foam and used toothbrush motors that were wired together to create vibrations.

Both girls received certificates of appreciation for their invention ideas and a nice monetary award. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and thrilled that they took the opportunity to apply for the competition. Congratulations to Vivian and Caitlin!