Spirited Halloween Celebrations Take Over East Woods School
Laura Sacco

Halloween at East Woods School is a day we eagerly anticipate each year, and this year was no exception. On this bewitching occasion, students, teachers, and staff donned their most creative costumes, filling our campus with excitement and joy.

The delightful tradition of dressing up for Halloween is not limited to our students. Our dedicated faculty and staff joined in the merriment, putting their creativity to the test in crafting charming ensembles. The ECC faculty transformed into whimsical witches, scarecrows, and pirates, and the Lower School faculty brought the Hundred Acre Wood to life as Winnie the Pooh and Crew. Whereas the Upper School faculty invoked the magic of summer, brandishing umbrellas, chairs, and beach gear to keep the warm memories of the beach alive.

As the parade began, parents gathered in the front circle, poised with their cameras ready to capture the enchanting moments that would unfold. With a spirited soundtrack playing, each grade paraded in their elaborate costumes, adding a dash of spooky flair to the event.

However, the most awaited part of the morning was the grand reveal of the Eighth Grade group costume. This yearly tradition sees our eighth graders collaborate with our art teacher to design a unique ensemble shrouded in secrecy until the parade's climax. This year, the eighth graders did not disappoint, enchanting the audience with their dazzling array of Barbie and Ken doll-themed costumes. The meticulous planning, tireless effort, and outstanding teamwork behind their performance left everyone in awe.

Following the parade, the Class Parents took this year's Trunk or Treat to a new level with various imaginative themes that catered to everyone's Halloween spirit. This year's event found trunks transformed into a variety of themes. For the fashion-forward, there was a dazzling Barbie theme that oozed glamour and style. The digital world came to life with Roblox-inspired trunks, while the Mad Scientist theme promised bubbling potions and mysterious experiments. Honey Bees brought a touch of sweetness to the morning, while LEGOS allowed for boundless creativity. Candyland offered a vibrant and sugary paradise for all to enjoy. Space-themed trunks launched visitors into the cosmos with their interstellar decorations. EWS Airlines welcomed little travelers aboard with treats. And, of course, the beloved Mickey Mouse was there to sprinkle a bit of Disney magic. It was a Halloween extravaganza where endless imagination and creativity collided, making it a morning to remember for all ages.

With the echoes of laughter, excitement, and camaraderie filling the air, another unforgettable East Woods Halloween celebration has been etched into our memories.