Endangered Species
Laura Sacco

First-grade students recently wrapped up their Endangered Species presentations, a project that saw them delve into digital media creation using Adobe Express, a cloud-based application. Students utilized Adobe Express to craft short videos showcasing their research on various endangered animals of their interest. This culminating project comprises a research-based movie, a headpiece, and a musical rendition of "Colors of the Wind." The students also created lifelike habitats to depict each animal's unique biomes.

Adding excitement to the project, eighth-grade students joined the first graders for a class session, offering assistance and firsthand insights into the plight of endangered species. Together, they embarked on the creative journey of selecting images and adding text. In addition, students had fun choosing video styles and experimenting with background music from various clips.

With enthusiasm, the first graders curated their videos, meticulously recording facts on each slide to guarantee an informative presentation. These finished videos serve as a testament to their newfound skills and as educational resources shedding light on the challenges faced by endangered animals worldwide. 

Every year, on the third Friday in May, people worldwide participate in Endangered Species Day by celebrating, learning about, and taking action to protect threatened and endangered species. This year, Endangered Species Day is May 17th. How will you protect threatened and endangered species?