Engaging STEM Presentation Transforms East Woods Auditorium into a Dynamic Laboratory
Laura Sacco

The East Woods auditorium underwent a magical transformation into a lively laboratory courtesy of Carbon Claudio and the team from Mad Science. Pre-K to 8th Grade students were treated to an engaging presentation by this STEM-based company, renowned for promoting scientific education through interactive experiments and dynamic discussions.

The session started with an exploration of chemical reactions versus physical changes, exemplified by Carbon Claudio's captivating demonstration of burning flash paper—a special paper made by treating cellulose with a mixture of nitric and sulfuric acid. Amidst the flames engulfing the paper, students gained insight into distinguishing between chemical and physical transformations.

The interactive nature of the presentation took center stage as student volunteers joined in to demonstrate principles of gravity and physics, using techniques involving blowing air and manipulating balls. Carbon Claudio then delved into the concept of sublimation, showcasing the transition of a substance from solid to gas without passing through a liquid phase. This was vividly illustrated by placing warm metal quarters on dry ice, causing the rapid sublimation of the dry ice, much to the audience's amazement.

The show's climax featured Carbon Claudio conjuring voluminous billows of dry ice fog, a spectacle that delighted the students. With the simple addition of dry ice to warm water, the auditorium was transformed into a mystical realm filled with swirling fog, prompting kindergarteners and first graders to dance and celebrate amidst the enchanting atmosphere.

The presentation ignited students' curiosity and enthusiasm for physics and chemistry, inspiring them to delve deeper into science through hands-on exploration and discovery.