Art For Peace

On Wednesday, September 14th, on International Peace Day, East Woods participated in CHALK4PEACE led by Leadership Advisor Laura Sacco and the Eighth Grade. CHALK4PEACE is a global chalk art project about peace for artists of all ages.

Students gathered in the gym and were introduced to the event with a brief presentation by the Eighth Grade students, including reading the book If Peace Is... by Jane Baskwill. Then, the older students joined their lower school buddy class in the front circle as they drew with chalk what peace means to them. All of the students made heartfelt pictures and shared their work with the rest of the students.

From its beginnings in 2003 in Arlington, VA, as a Sunday sidewalk chalk project for children, CHALK4PEACE has been recognized by the Arlington Arts Commission, the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities, the DC Mayor's Office, the Humanities Project of Arlington and Whole Foods Markets. Since then, it has been internationally embraced for its service to the world.