2024 Science Symposium

Laura Sacco

Fifth through Eighth Grade students recently presented their science projects, sparking engaging discussions within the East Woods community. Moreover, they seized the chance to impress a panel of esteemed judges from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, vying for recognition. The judges were captivated by the students' eloquence, maintained eye contact, project selection, and meticulous data-gathering techniques. Kudos to all winners and participants for their remarkable achievements!

Fifth Grade (tie)
John G. - The World Against Fruit Flies
James G. - Music and Memory: How Does Music Affect Short-Term Memory
Sixth Grade (tie)
Jackson K. - Slam Dunk!
Evan S. - How Does Age Impact People's Ability to Distinguish Between AI and Human Writing?
Seventh Grade
Lyric D. - Roll Over Beethoven
Eighth Grade
Julian B. - The Science Behind Caramel
Overall Winner (tie)
Chase M. - Which Material is Best for Fog Catching?
Julian H. - 3D or Not Here it Comes: Canine Prosthetics