Student Testimonials

Hear what our students have to say about EWS.

East Woods School is a fun and interactive learning environment. For me, each day I leave school with so much new information. All of my teachers help to turn my weaknesses into strengths. Because it is such a small environment, all of the students know each other. East Woods gives you opportunities you never thought you could have.
When I joined EWS in the middle of fourth grade, all of my classmates were so kind and welcoming. I never had to worry about being alone, because someone was always with me. The teachers I had made sure I was challenged academically. In fifth grade, I joined the Upper school, which was nerve wracking, but at East Woods all of the older students make you feel like you’ve been there forever. Going into sixth grade, I was excited about the Upper School play. From building the set, to the production itself, every part of it was amazing. East Woods has given me an excellent experience, and I am excited for more years to come.
East Woods has helped me grow academically, and as an individual. At lunch, family-style eating encourages you to interact with your peers. Having the green and white teams teaches you great sportsmanship and teamwork. On sports nights, everyone works together to beat the other team while using sportsmanship. If one student needs help, another student will help him or her. If I ever need help in academics, my teachers offer time for me to come during extra help or even during their break. East Woods School is an excellent place that gives you strength and encouragement, and helps you grow as a person.
~Elodie Saliou - Class of 2019