Parent Testimonials

Hear what our parents have to say about EWS.

The most important thing as parents we can do for our children is to give them a foundation to succeed in the world. This foundation includes certain core academic skills, a sense of self, a sense of moral values, a sense of passion, a sense of community, and the confidence to take risks and lead. Our experience is that East Woods has provided this foundation for each of our very different children.

Excellent academics based on a strong core curriculum delivered by outstanding teachers inspire learning and provide the key skills necessary for secondary school and work to follow. Individualized attention and personalized learning programs can be provided for both overachievers and underachievers. An emphasis on creativity, public speaking, art, drama, and sports give children a chance to explore skills and passions outside the classroom to develop a sense of self. Character focus throughout all classes instills personal and community values from the beginning. A community of fellow students, teachers, parents, and families reinforces academic, creative and character development, and the PreNursery-8th Grade structure provides a safe and supportive environment for young children and early teenagers to be leaders in the school community without the additional pressures of high school.

East Woods is a place where you as a parent can be actively engaged in your child’s education – with the teachers, advisors, coaches, and fellow parents - that creates a unique individualized and supportive learning environment for your family.

East Woods has prepared our children to be confident in their abilities, to know their personal values, to understand how to be part of a close-knit community, and to be leaders in their respective endeavors – all of which has helped them transition successfully to high school, new endeavors, towards college and beyond.
~ Brian & Debbie Sweeney

My family has been been a part of East Woods for the past 9 years. It has been nothing short of a wonderful 9 years. Both my son and daughter began in nursery; my son is now in seventh grade and my daughter fourth grade. Nine years of success, triumphs, and growth. East Woods is the absolute best school with the best teachers. My husband and I are both dentists, and education is a priority for us. The education at East Woods is above anything we could have hoped for. Our kids are so advanced for their respective ages. I attribute this remarkable quality to the East Woods education. My daughter is able to tell us things in Spanish and French; normally most schools would start such curriculum in middle school. She is able to pick any instrument she wants to play, and she is encouraged to explore who she is. My son just came home from a class trip to Shelter Island where one of the teachers captured a picture of him and his friends watching the sunset! This is emblematic of the warm nature of the school, and the friendships which have developed. All of these things are priceless.

Perhaps just as rewarding as the spectacular education is the social and family environment at East Woods. Watching my family engage in the community of East Woods has made me the happiest, proudest mother. I made the best decision nine years ago to send my children to this school. I send my children off everyday to their second home! The faculty, staff, even the maintenance team are all part of our extended family. I know my children are in the best hands each and every day. East Woods has taught my children confidence, respect, and kindness. Everywhere I go people compliment my children on their manners, helpfulness, and good nature. While parents play a big part in this development, I am confident that East Woods has brought out the best in the children, enabling them to be the best version of themselves, cultivated in a warm and educationally challenging environment. That is what East Woods does... creates amazing, caring, kind human beings.
~ Allison Gambella

We are an East Woods family from Cold Spring Harbor with two sons in the Upper School and an alumni daughter entering senior year of high school. Our daughter started her journey at East Woods in second grade, and our sons began in the nursery program. We have been part of the East Woods community since 2007 and have experienced the joy of Kindergarten graduation through eighth-grade graduation and everything in between (multiple times over).

Our family made the decision long ago to attend East Woods even though we live in Cold Spring Harbor with its well-respected schools. Attending East Woods did not mean we were not part of the Cold Spring Harbor community. We chose to involve our children in many activities of Cold Spring Harbor even though they attend East Woods. They have many friends from both communities. We are extremely happy with our choice of East Woods. Our children thrived in the private school environment. They were all provided with an excellent education in a small by design, nurturing setting on a beautiful campus. As a graduate of East Woods, our daughter was well prepared for a challenging high school curriculum which by no doubt was fostered at East Woods. She is passionate about science from her time at East Woods and is looking forward to applying to top-tier colleges this fall. Our sons are also excelling at East Woods and will also be well prepared for high school.

East Woods has met our expectations as parents. The school is a community of teachers, administrators, and families that believe in the investment of a private school education. As parents with years of experience at East Woods, we feel the school has much to offer each individual child as it builds and shapes them into model citizens.
~Joseph and Lisa McCartan