Alumni Testimonials

Hear what our alumni have to say about EWS.

As I venture on to the next major stepping stone in my life and prepare to attend Chaminade High School this fall, it is important to remember how East Woods has set the stage for this next adventure in my life and helped me develop as a person.
Before attending East Woods in 5th grade, I was never motivated to explore my full potential and grow as a student and a person. However, the teachers here have inspired a passion for learning, encouraged me to explore new things, and instilled positive qualities in me that will lead to future success. I’ve learned the importance of a close-knit community and spending so much time on the field, in the classroom, and at break with my friends has built a genuine sense of camaraderie. I joined the class late, but nonetheless, everyone “on top of the hill” warmly welcomes you and allows you to find your own voice. The intimate learning environment coupled with individualized attention allows for a one-on-one relationship with teachers, where they truly understand you. My growth as a person at East Woods has been tremendous. My caring teachers have mentored me along the journey as I’ve learned from my failures and developed better character. I have learned many valuable skills from these experiences, all of which will be applied to my future endeavors.
Beyond the academics, East Woods has provided the opportunity for me to try new things and find activities that peaked my interest. They do things no other school does: going to Florida for a week to study dolphins, spending a night in NYC volunteering to serve those less fortunate, and getting a tour of CSH laboratory. I’ve participated in the annual Upper School play and improved my public speaking abilities by speaking in front of large audiences at countless events (public debates, Friday assemblies, French presentations, etc.). While providing endless amounts of fun, these extra-curricular activities have prepared me for the challenges of an evolving 21st-century world and developed critical skills. It’s the close-knit community and endless opportunities that makes East Woods the unique and special place it truly is.
The lessons I’ve learned at East Woods have helped me grow as a person, student, and friend. The friendships made here will continue to last, and the teachers have inspired me to be to be the best person I can be, take risks, and they have fueled a thirst for knowledge. Although I am not sure what the future holds in store, I am confident East Woods has given me the “roots and wings” to conquer any challenge, and to succeed during this next chapter of my life.
~ Jack Viscuso - Class of 2017