East Woods At A Glance

Year Founded: 1946
Acres: 46
Accreditation: The School is a member of and accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS).

East Woods School

Student/Teacher Ratio:
Pre-Nursery: 4 to 1
Nursery: 7 to 1
Pre-Kindergarten: 8 to 1
Lower School (K–4): 12 to 1
Upper School (5–8): 12 to 1
Financial Aid: awarded to 30% of students

Diversity: More than 25 local communities are represented at East Woods School.

Faculty and Staff: 49 Full & Part-Time.

Languages Offered to Our Students: Spanish and French. Spanish is introduced to the curriculum in our Nursery program. French is introduced in the Third grade, when the students are taught Spanish for half the year and French for half the year.

Sports: Our campus is home to four playing fields and two gymnasiums. Fourth through Eighth graders participate on interscholastic sports teams in the fall, winter, and spring. Teams include: soccer, ice hockey, cross country, basketball, baseball, softball, and lacrosse.

Distinctive Programs: Multi-media technology; music and drama productions; fine arts curriculum; student council; overnight field trips for ages 10 and above. We offer after school extended care for Nursery and Pre-K, and after school enrichment classes for grades Kindergarten through Fourth, after-care programs, and an extensive summer program.
Facilities and Tools: 2 science labs, 1 Mac lab, 1 PC lab, 1 LEGO Robotics Room, 1 Maker Space, 1 dance studio, 1 art studio, 1 wood shop, 1 band room, 4 playing fields, 2 gymnasiums, 2 pools, 1 pond, 1:1 Chromebooks grades 4-8, 2 3-D printers, 1 drone, 1 GoPro, and Smart Boards, ipads, and laptops in the classrooms.

School Colors: Green and White

High Schools Attended by Our Graduates:
Exeter Academy • Phillips Academy • St. Mark’s • St. Georges • St. Paul’s • Groton • Middlesex • Choate • Taft • Hotchkiss • Loyola • Friends Academy • Portledge • Chaminade • Cold Spring Harbor High School • Locust Valley High School • St. Anthony's