Welcome from the Head of School

    “Welcome to East Woods!”

    These four simple words hold great meaning for me. They are the words with which I was warmly greeted the first time I walked up the front steps. They are the same words with which I greet our students, along with a handshake, at the front door of our school every morning – as each of my predecessors has done since the school’s founding in 1946.

    The greeting and handshake are emblematic of the sense of community, care, and respect that are hallmarks of the East Woods experience. In fact, the School’s mission places as much emphasis on fostering strength of character as it does academic excellence, and both are evident as soon as you walk through our doors and meet the students and teachers who are at the heart of our school.
    East Woods School is small by design, allowing each child to be truly known and for teachers to provide an inter-disciplinary curriculum through differentiated instruction. Children enjoy multiple opportunities to explore and share their talents, to make significant contributions, and to develop leadership skills.

    As a result, East Woods students gain much more than an excellent academic education. They build self-assurance and take risks. They develop strong study skills and learn how to think, not simply what to think. They speak with confidence and listen with compassion. They display their creative talents on the stage and athletic skills on the field. They enjoy a nurturing community here on the hill and engage with the broader community through meaningful service opportunities. They rise to meet the highest of expectations as students and as citizens. All of this prepares our graduates to move on to some of the finest secondary schools on Long Island and across the country, well prepared to enjoy academic success, to actively engage in their new school community, and to continue leading lives of learning and meaningful purpose.

    I am proud and pleased not only to be Head of School, but also to be a parent of two East Woods students, and I am eager for you to visit so that you can experience for yourself what I can only describe here in words. When you do, I look forward to extending my hand and saying, “Welcome to East Woods!”

    Matthew H. Bradley